Flying Camera

Oct 5, 2021


It’s not just the Astro who can scan the house to make sure everything is okay. Amazon also introduced several security Ring-line updates. The highlight is Ring Always Home, a security camera that flies alone through the environment.

The device’s design resembles a drone. A security camera that flies

In a slightly futuristic twist, Amazon announced the Ring Always Home Cam. The “drone”, which has a dock for charging and “rest”, can literally fly and monitor a house from different angles. Consumers can, of course, keep track of what the device’s camera is recording via their mobile phone.

The Ring Always Home Cam is basically a smart home camera in the form of a drone. It flies around a set path in your home while you’re away and monitors like a regular smart home camera.

It has a base station where it charges itself, and it connects to your Wi-Fi network to send notifications and stream its sharp 1440p video to the Ring mobile app.

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