The commercialization of 5G in Brazil is increasingly closer to the consumer. Apparently, the operation of the technology will already be available for use in the first half of 2022, since the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) set the date of the 5G auction and approved the notice last Friday.

Approved after two postponements, Anatel has already informed that the commercial operation of the technology should start in the main Brazilian capitals. The deadline for the start is 300 days after signing the contracts.

The president of Anatel, Leonardo Euler de Morais highlighted that this will be the largest auction in the history of the sector, both in terms of quantity and diversity, and will come to supply a good part of the needs of countless Brazilian sectors, from the countryside to the city.

Benefits of approving the 5G auction notice

Anatel’s president also highlighted that the auction will be of paramount importance to monitor the digital performance experienced and accelerated by the pandemic.

It is worth noting that the company that wins the auction will have some obligations to fulfill, such as the construction of a private network for the federal public administration, which allows the participation of the Chinese company Huawei in the construction of the 5G network here.

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