Astro Is The First Home Assistant Robot

Have you ever left home and had to go back to make sure you didn’t leave the stove on? If it’s up to Amazon, this kind of situation will be resolved more smoothly – at least if the fire isn’t really lit. At its launch event this Tuesday, the US company presented Astro, its first residential assistant robot.

Equipped with Alexa, the little robot has its own personality and follows the house’s residents when necessary. The screen reproduces emotions through its digital eyes, inspired by science fiction robots like R2D2 (from Star Wars). 

One of Astro’s highlights is its connectivity to Amazon’s home security systemsIt is compatible with Ring devices (Amazon security cameras) and its Ring Protect Pro subscription service, so it can make rounds around the house and issue alerts if there is a strange movement in the environment. It also has the Alexa Guard, a feature capable of listening to fire or gas alarms, as well as the sounds of broken glass, issuing alerts directly in the user’s app.

“The Astro is part of the Day One culture and it shows new possibilities for the future,” said Dave Limp, senior vice president of devices at Amazon.


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