New Apple iPhones and Ipad

iPhone 13 Mini

It follows in the wake of its predecessor but improves on something very important: autonomy. And it is that in such a small phone it is difficult to put a large battery, but the 13 Mini promises a day of use.

iPhone 13

Recommended for those who want a modern and high-end phone from Apple, but without the expense of the Pro.

It mounts the most powerful processor on the market, a screen that shines for its reliability in reproducing colors, a very good battery, and a double camera that anticipates great results.


iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max

They are the best of the best in the Apple catalog and probably on the market. What do they differ one from to the other? The size: While the Pro is the most manageable at 6.1 “, the Pro Max is a nearly a quarter pound bug.

At the camera level, there are a couple of very promising practical changes such as the macro mode for taking photos with a great level of detail and the Cinema mode on video.

Recommendations from the Apple catalog. If you want an Apple phone and don’t need the latest of the latest, the veteran iPhone 11 at 589 euros is a great buy. And if you are old school and you want it to have good edges and the Home button.


Apple Watch 7

If you owned an Apple Watch and made the jump to Apple Watch 7, you can reuse the straps. At the design level, Apple keeps the form factor but reduces the bezels to fit a bigger and brighter screen, in short, that looks better.

Few functional novelties that make that if you have the Apple Watch 6, it is not worth the jump. Its RRP is $ 399 and we only know that it will go on sale this fall.

Recommendation: spend 299 euros on the Apple Watch SE, a watch with a great value for money somewhat less complete in the health section (for example, it does not measure oxygen in the blood or does electrocardiograms), but it maintains a lot of features such as GPS, sleeps measurement or fall detection.

iPad mini 2021

The unexpected return of the Mini, Apple’s most compact tablet.

Ideal for those who need something small and light to carry around without sacrificing fluid performance, quality

8.3 “screen,

which is little more than some other large phone, but less elongated, which is more comfortable to view content This “hybrid” between call and minitablet is available now from 549 euros.


iPad 2021

It’s the cheapest iPad in the Apple catalog, and considering how well they work and how long they last, it’s the master buy.

This generation starts at 64GB, more than enough for the average user. The other great news is that its front camera has been renewed

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