WhatsApp is the instant messaging application par excellence, it has millions of users throughout the world. Its excessive growth makes it one of the most updated applications. They are always testing new features and functionalities. Many remain in the pipeline, but the ones that end up coming out are really surprising. And, it seems like three new features are on the way. This comes from the hand of the CEO of WhatsApp himself, as he has had a conversation using the application with the person in charge of WABetaInfo. In this small conversation, almost an interview, several topics have been discussed and one of them has been all that is expected to reach WhatsApp in the coming weeks .

The first confirmed feature coming to WhatsApp is that it will support the use of multiple devices at the same time. Mark Zuckerberg has been in charge of commenting that they have been working on this new feature and that it has been a technical challenge when it comes to ensuring that the messages are always charged, even if some of those devices run out of battery.


The second feature confirms that the message disappearance mode, this mode would offer much more privacy to users. Its operation is summarized in that when you activate it, the messages we send will disappear after a period of 7 days.

This can be vital for company conversations or times when privacy is the key point to consider. In addition, this mode spins with the images that self-destruct after seeing themselves and that would expand its functionality to also include videos within this self-destruction.